The SEMA Show takes place November 1 – 4,2016 in Las Vegas, USA . It makes up one of the single largest and most famous shows and trade events for automotive specialty’s world well-known cars and products on the Las Vegas calendar.


Face Wheels was there.6

The SEMA Show ensembles the most advanced technology and hottest products, it draws the 100,000 industry’s brightest minds from over 100 countries, automobile manufacturers, car dealers, automotive specialty equipment manufacturer and whole-sellers, and numerous car lovers and aftermarket parts enthusiast to one place, the Las Vegas Convention Center.

During the show we found another foreign company was presenting a product, which had 90% similarity as Face Wheels FW202-LW wheel.

(vorsteiner 轮圈)

(vorsteiner Wheels)

(vorsteiner 轮圈)

(vorsteiner  Wheels)

(FaceWheels FW202-LW 轮圈)

(FaceWheels FW202-LW )

China used to be called the Shanzhai (Spoofs) Country, and Chinese companies had a hard time to shake off the notion that they were producing cheap knockoffs. However, as a Chinese company, Face Wheels acts on the concept that we should always create the product with originality. We utilize the most distinguished Chinese symbol, facial design of Peking opera, to prove to the world, together with its designs and products Face Wheels is no second to any foreign companies. As early as Jan 27, 2016, Face Wheels had already applied the patent for this wheel design.

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We will keep high attention on issue that other companies is copying our design and take action.

Always act on originality. Remember where we started. Face Wheels runs with you.